Paramedic School – A Lucrative Career Choice?

Paramedics take care of patients in a highly challenging environment. They are usually called upon by medical emergency teams to help in assessing the condition of the patients. They make sure that the patients arrive at the hospital when essential. Paramedics obtain their training at a paramedic school following their basic EMT training.

The education in these schools strives to impart knowledge and training in emergency medicine. This education consists of both classroom as well as ambulatory experience.  Paramedic school starts with a basic EMT training that follows by one year of working in an ambulance. These schools provide both classroom and emergency ambulatory practice. Paramedic training usually lasts for a period of 18-24 months.

Paramedic School Programs

Paramedic SchoolSome of the common programs that are available at these schools are paediatric life support, defensive driving, CPR, cardiology, pharmacology, disease control, EMT systems management, life support training and first aid.

Students who enrol themselves in the paramedic school are trained to conduct initial diagnosis of the patients, give fluids and drugs that may be required in the emergency settings. They are taught to operate manual defibrillators, insert orotracheal equipment in emergency situations and move patients with utmost care so that there is no further damage or injury. The paramedic school also teaches the students to work with detectives and the police departments.

These schools offer training on a full time as well as part time basis. The part-time training program allows students to pursue their training together with their work requirements. The paramedic school offers online courses as well. Here the students can finish their tutorials and get their education on an interactive web-based platform. This is a very attractive proposal for students who work either full time or part-time and would still like to get a paramedic training.

Paramedic School Training Levels

The programs at all these schools generally consist of a number of training levels. This helps the students to learn all the important knowledge and acquire all the necessary skills that are required to be successful in the industry. The paramedic courses are usually divided into four main stages.

It starts with a basic training as a technician in times of emergency; working for a period of 12 months in an ambulance; getting introductory classes at a paramedic school; and then finally registering for a full-time training program in paramedics.

A wide variety of courses are available to the students at the paramedic school. The students do not get their certification until they finish all their lessons and classes. It is also essential for the students who enrol in these schools to received training in physiology, anatomy and various other high-level advanced courses.

On the completion of their training the students of paramedic schools have a wide variety of career options to explore. These schools provide a number of career opportunities to their students. There are several employment opportunities for the students once they complete their training at these schools.

Students who graduate from here can enter the ever growing healthcare industry. Joining a paramedic school may be one of the best career options in the current economic times.

A EMT Salary Depends On Various Factors

An EMT salary varies.  There are a plethora of factors that influence how much an EMT can make.  First of all, anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the field of emergency medical services should take up EMT training in a paramedic school or EMT school. You should complete your EMT training if you wish to perform your paramedic functions with ease and efficiency. For more details about paramedic salary, paramedic school or EMT school, continue reading.

The functions of paramedics and EMTs are similar in that both these categories of people provide first aid and immediate medical care to ill or injured persons during emergency situations. Paramedics and EMTs are the people who are contacted first to offer their services at the site of the accident. These people should have the expertise to stabilize patients and take them to other medical facilities or hospitals to get further treatment.

An EMT Salary Is Different Than A Paramedic Salary

EMT SalaryThe chief difference between an EMT salary and a paramedic salary can be significant.  The training differences mainly lie in the duration of their training period. While EMT basic training can be completed within 150 hours, a paramedic may have to complete up to 1800 hours of training if he wishes to obtain his paramedical certification. EMTs and paramedics are trained to offer different types of medical procedures. An EMT cannot administer invasive treatments such as injections in a vast majority of the states, as this procedure comes under the responsibility of a paramedic. Those who graduate from a paramedic school can also offer other sophisticated treatments that do not come within the role or duties of certified EMTs.  Obviously these differences effect the average EMT salary.

Ambulances will generally carry those who have completed their training in paramedics or EMT. People who have graduated from an EMT school will be allowed to give first aid and some supportive treatment and care to patients prior to and during transport. However, if advanced treatment is required, then the services of a paramedic would be sought.

The first step towards becoming a paramedic is to get your EMT-Basic certification. However, if you wish to expand your career options and provide advanced care and treatments, then you should work towards obtaining your paramedic certification. With comprehensive and consistent paramedic training and dedication, you can easily earn your paramedic certification within a few years.

EMT Salary Differences Based On Location

The level of EMT salary will vary widely from one state to another. It also depends on the place where you are employed – government or private institutions. Generally, EMTs and paramedics will be paid on an hourly basis. Typically, they can make around $12 to $20 an hour. Paramedics who are employed in recreation or amusement industries can expect a higher EMT salary. The average income for a paramedic working in this field is around $20 per hour. Other top paying industries include universities, colleges and home health care. However, these sectors are few and can offer jobs only to a few EMT or paramedic personnel.

Speaking of the states that pay a high EMT salary, Washington, D.C. occupies the topmost slot followed by places such as Oregon, Hawaii and Alaska. Paramedics are largely employed in places such as New York, Texas, Illinois, California and Pennsylvania. The aforementioned places also boast of a number of paramedic school programs and EMT school courses.